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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Kris Vaugeois -- Banff
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Last summer, my son Shea and I raised a tremendous $17,000+ together.

Our total finished us as the 2nd Highest Individual Pledge Earner as well as Highest Average Pledge out of all of those who participated in the many events held all across Canada. Totals that were very humbling in the show of mass support from all of my friends.

This year my goal is to pass our total from last year but I will need a tremendous amount of support to get there so I am starting my efforts now.

More and more frequently I hear people being diagnosed with Crohn's and with a rate of 1 in 160 people living with it, the push for finding a cause and a cure is even greater now than it has ever been.

Living with Crohn's is tough, sometimes to the point that it is indescribable to those who do not live with it or are distant from someone who does. I am sure there is great dedication from those in the fields directly working to find causes, treatments and cures but nothing beats talking directly with the people who live with it every day to get a better understanding.

I still don't know how to talk to most people about Crohn's as it is so hard to describe what a normal day is like since there is rarely anything normal about most of my/ our days. The path to what got me diagnosed, the countless Doctors, treatments, 2 surgeries and now my day to day life and routine still leave me getting out of bed every morning without a clear hope of what the day will bring. I know I do not get into details often with those close to me purely because I do not think that I need the sympathy for something that I already have the mindset of knowing that I will live with for the rest of my life.

My routine is very simple but focused. The key triggers that are all associated with Crohn's are always right in front of me. My diet stays the same about 90% of the time (and as a Chef, that often really sucks) work load, stress levels, sleeping habits and activities are consistent. Yet I can have countless times throughout my day that make me think "today will be manageable" or "today is going to be one of those days".
I guess the only fortunate part is that I have lived with it long enough to know when a bad day starts to take over, I can find a route to make it as liveable as possible. Simple things like the nasty cramps on and off to the more unglamorous parts of living with it are the most frustrating.

Thank you to everyone who has supported with great generosity in the past and I look forward to another fantastic accomplishment this year.


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