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Friday, April 25, 2014
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Clay Frey -- 2012 Saskatoon
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The BIKINI BOYS and Li'L SIS are going KISS Crohn's and Colitis GOOD BYE!!!!!
That's right, we have come up with another CRAZY idea....

We are aiming HIGHER, LOUDER and CRAZIER….Just like one of our favourite bands!!!!!
We are going ALL THE WAY….it’s not as EASY AS IT SEEMS, but if you don’t LET ME (US) DOWN, we will KISS IBS GOOD BYE!!!!
A BIG THANKS to one of our many FANS who one CRAZY CRAZY NIGHT sent us an email with an idea…..

why not dress up as the band KISS (Rayner’s favourite band!) and CROHN’S and COLITIS GOODBYE!

The idea has been percolating for a few years now, and this is it..we’re going to do it! As you all know, KISS has FOUR band members….The Bikini Boys and Li’L Sis are only THREE…so…where does the FOURTH band member come in?? Here are the details:

The Bikini Boys and Li’L Sis…(yes, we are welcoming our baby sister, Shylo, onto the team as a fundraiser this year…we figure that she’s had four years of cheering us on, it’s time for her to bring in some bucks too)…will dress up as one of the band members ONCE OUR GOAL OF $5400 EACH has been raised!
I will be transformed into Mr. Tommy Thayer, Rayner will become Paul Stanley, Li’L Sis will be Peter Criss….but, we are still ONE SHORT of the complete band?!?!

That’s right…GENE IS MISSING!!! Guess how we’re going to add GENE to our band!??!?! Would be nice if the real Gene could visit us in Saskatoon on June 10th as he does have family ties there, but, we’re pretty sure he has commitments elsewhere….IF WE RAISE MORE THAN $16000.00 (like last year)…OUR MOM OR DAD WILL BE TRANSFORMED INTO THE INFAMOUS GENE SIMMONDS!!!! The BEST PART….ONE OF YOU WILL DECIDE WHO!!!!
Every person that donates to our walk this year, will be entered into a draw. On June 9th, we will draw ONE NAME out of the bucket and THAT PERSON decides if it is MURRAY or LORI ANN going as Gene to the Annual Gutsy Walk in Saskatoon!!!!! We thought this was a great way to include all of you, our WONDERFUL supporters!
So....now's the time....

**You can send your donations to us to take to the walk (Box 316, Watrous, SK. S0K 4T0)

**you can call us and we can pick them up (944-4451)

**You can donate ONLINE (it’s a secure site!!!) When you donate online, your receipt is emailed to you right away!

**You can email our mom at scrapingal@hotmail.com and we can make arrangements!

Again..THANKS THANKS THANKS..without you, we couldn't do what we do.....

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